Emily Doyle is an herbalist inspiring people to embrace their natural self and live a life in harmony with themselves and mother earth. She realizes the power in shifting our life through cleansing the body on all levels, and teaches that as we detox our lives, we can more easily align with our souls mission. Emily uses techniques from her own experience to help guide her clients through a quick and easy process of shedding with the intention to bring in only what is pure, wholesome and true. She helps clients re-connect with themselves, their own spirit, and the earth. She believes that as more and more people re-connect with their sacred purpose, and create their own relationship with the Earth, that our beautiful planet will become a much more enjoyable, sacred and safe place to Be. 

Emily has had a connection to the Earth since childhood, growing up on a farm, and working on many farms on her travels through New Zealand, Australia, and India. Since high school Emily has cared about what foods she has put into her body, and has been committed to holistic foods since. Her love of healing foods naturally led her to only put natural medicines into her body which birthed her passion for herbalism and plant medicine.  Emily has been studying herbalism for three years now and has completed a year long study with a local medical herbalist. She has also completed an online study too run by the beautiful and wise Rosemary Gladstar.